Verboten Resumes After Submitting For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Verbotens owner, Jen Schiffer resuming the club. Photo by Jesse Weiss

Verboten, the New york city nightclub that was taken by New york city state authorities on Wednesday night (March 30) for owing over $360,000 in taxes, resumed its doors today after filing for bankruptcy.According to court documents seen by THUMP, Verbotens owners, Jen Schiffer and John Perez, filedapplied for voluntary chapter 11 bankruptcy in Brooklyn Federal Court on Thursday evening. The move suggests Schiffer and Perez will be able keep the club open for the time being, as Chapter 11 bankruptcy enables a business to continue to be operational while its debtors look for a method to restructure ailing finances.Chapter 11 allows us to safeguard and consolidate our possessions so we can operate this club with great partners, have successful occasions, bring in customers, and progress without being tortured, bothered and bled dry by a small number of our investors, Schiffer told THUMP over the phone this afternoon. We have every intention to keep dealing with the state. Verboten was taken by the New york city Department of Tax and Financing on Wednesday night for owing$360,378.05 in sales tax. After taking the home, the tax department informed THUMP it was working with Verbotens owners to exercise a method to return them the secrets so they can reopen the businessbusiness. Schiffer stated the clubs seizure on Wednesday was unexpected. We have been having continuous settlements concerning a payment plan with the state. To our surprise, the discussion ended this method, she said. Asked what took place on the day the club was seized, Schiffer confirmed that state authorities came after business hours, seized the company and altered the locks. [Officials] relieved me like a nightlife gangster. If anyone in New york city wantswishes to hear the complete story [of what happened that night], come sit beside me at the club this weekend and Ill tell it to you, she offered. In January, THUMP reported the club is dealing with accusations of scams and financial mismanagement by workers and investors. A lawsuit has since been filed by the investors declaring labor rights violations on the part of Verbotens management. Verboten local and Ghostly International co-founder Matthew Dear is slated to play a birthday set tomorrow night at the club. Schiffer confirmed that the event will be occurring at the club as prepared. All programming moving forward is scheduled, and weve verified programs well into the future, she said. Schiffer is positive that Verboten will keep moving on. The club is my baby, she continued. I invested my life cost savings and worked for ten10 years to get it open. [Resuming] it open today and having the ability to throw Matthew Dears birthday tomorrow is amazing. Its been a battle and it feels incredible.