Dennis Oland Was Less Than Honest With Other Half About Money Crunch, Jury Hears

Olandwas two months behind in making regular monthly interest-only payments of $1,666.67 on a $500,000 loan he received from his father following a divorce from his first better half, Veniothad said.

Olandwasleaning greatly on moneycash loan from his overlimit Visa in the days before his daddy was killed.

The card was$4,200 over its$27,000 limit at the end of June, but there were$100cash advances on July 1, July 2 and July3 and then$800on July 6, the records presented by Johnson reveal.

The email exchanges in between Oland and his spouse, extracted from Olands mobile phone by police, suggest tension was mounting.

Hi, there is no money on my Visa card anymoreso do not trouble tryingaiming to utilize it, Olandtold his better half in an e-mail on Might 31, 2011.

On June 1, the exact same day Oland had actually asked for a pay advance, he and his partner were exchanging e-mails about their charge card being overlimit and going over strategies to obtain sufficient money transferred on among the Visas to make it work.

When it comes to Visacard, mine is overdrawn by $650 so Id needhave to put more than that on the card simply to obtain it to work. Just how much is your card overdrawn?- Dennis Oland in e-mail to wife on June 1, 2011

I ought to not have addressed my phone previously when u called, I can not come across as pleasant cause I am not in an excellent location. Hannah [probably] has influenza, and I am really off today! his other half composed.

Due date for Concordia registration is today. I have no cash on my Visa and I had to wait til today to make a payment. If u include something to your card todaywill it work? she asked.

Well Id prefer to a minimum of attempt something to make you feel a bit better. When it comes to Visacard. Mine is overdrawn by $650 so Id require to put more than that on the card simply to obtain it to work. How much is your card over drawn? Oland replied.

I am $200 over limitation and it wont reach them within 48hours. Web does not work, she composed.

OK well Ill go to bank and deposit what I have and move funds to my Visa. I aimed to see why my Visa was so bad and I had actually not recognized the degree of the cashthe cash that was spent for Montreal, it was $1,350, stated Oland.

Wait now, I cant afford to put the rent [cheque] on your card, thats got mortgage etc., his better half responded.