Upper Dublin Art Teacher Under Investigation A Second Time

Upper Dublin gt; gt; The art instructor at the Fort Washington Elementary School has actually obviously come under fire once more and been eliminated from the class for a 2nd time this school year.An examination involving Michael Lynn, an art teacher in the district for 10 years, was revealed in a letter to moms and dads dated Feb. 24 from Fort Washington Principal Stephanie Hultquist. According to the letter, the examination resulted from a report made by a student that day.No determination has yet been made so I warn everyone
not to reach any early conclusions, Hultquist composed in the letter. However, to ensure the least quantity of disruption possible to the art program, a replacement will certainly be assigned to Mr. Lynns art classes pending the result of the investigation, she wrote.In a subsequent letter Wednesday afternoon, Hultquist revealed that an alternative teacher would take Lynns place up until Friday, Feb. 27, when a Ms. Padova would begin working as an interim art instructor at the school.Ken Roos, the solicitor for the school district, said Wednesday that Lynn would not be in the class with any students pending conclusion of the investigation.While mentioning he might not provide any information of the accusation, Roos said, the district would follow the same protocol as it did previously.

All allegations are referred to the police, [county] Workplace of Children and Youth and PDE [state Department of Education], he said.Lynn was previously suspended for about a month following an occurrence in his classroom in November of in 2013, when he apparently put his hands on the shoulders of a fourth-grade child and held his chin while yelling at him for returning an item to the wrong place in the room. The occurrence was reported to the authorities, who did not file any charges against him, however Lynn was needed to go to anger management training by the district.He was renewed after the holiday recess, with a momentary display in the space and regular sees by administrators to his classroom. Moms and dads of students at the school challenged his reinstatement at a number of school board conferences and a special meeting in late

January at the school.At the boards Feb. 10 meeting a number of parents of Fort Washington Elementary students repeated a request to the board to work with an assistant to deal with the art instructor at the school till completion of the school year. One moms and dad noted 44 children at the school were still decidingpulling out of art due to the November incident.The board had actually responded it was following the administrations recommendation not to hire an assistant. Continued … 1 2 See Full Story

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