Western Leaders’ Stage-managed Interview In China

< figure class= media-landscape has-caption full-width lead >< figcaption class= media-caption > Image caption In a recent check out to China by United States Secretary of State John Kerry was a timeless example of this phenomenon Many correspondents here

think that significant Western leaders are offering a progressively bad example when it concerns discussing their negotiations with Beijing on their now frequent journeys to China.The Chinese government has been criticised for the

stage-managed interview it holds during the yearly National Peoples Congress.Only questions which have actually been vetted are permitted and press reporters are picked in a pre-ordained order to nicely ask what they have currently stated they will ask.Then a leader, like the Chinese premier, practically reads out a prepared answer. In some cases its not even virtual.As reporters who believe in the function of the Fourth Estate, we often state to Chinese officials that authentic press conferences with real

questions and genuine answers would be much better in terms of permitting Beijing to obtain its messages out to the world, not to mention making federal governments and businesses here more accountable.< figure class =media-landscape has-caption full-width >