Tasty Tech Eye Candy: Robot Art

Can synthetic intelligence lay paint to paper to develop meaning and stimulate feeling? The response depends on the resultsarise from the first Robotic Art competition. The contest, arranged by artist Andrew Conru who holds a PhD in mechanical engineering design from Stanford University, intends to promote innovation in AI and incorporate looks and innovation.

It was open to students from universities and high schools and awarded money rewards in two categories: totally automated execution or by hand created.

Here are the resultsarise from the 10 winners, which were selected thanks to feedback from the public as well as that from a panel of judges. Did the robotics create something beautiful? You be the judge.Above: The 1st location award of $30,000 went to TAIDA, from the National Taiwan Universitys Department of Mechanical Engineering for its portrait of Albert Einstein. TAIDA is a completely automated robotic artist that utilizes a visual feedback system to compare the image it paints on a canvas with the original image. It then improvessurpasses the painting up until its pleased.