Iowa City Press Co-op Offers Printmaking Classes, Studio Area

Jeanne Smith of Iowa City deals with block printing ink at the Wesley Center in Iowa City on Sunday, Jan. 3, 2016. The Iowa City Press Co-op supplies space, devices, and even workshops for anyone interested in printmaking. They have devices for standard methods of intaglio, relief, screen printing, and letterpress and are open to the general public to utilize throughout certain hours. (Andy Abeyta/The Gazette)

South Lafourche’s Press Shuts Down Assumption, 61-37

And there were four minutes left in the first quarter, she joked after the game.Blanchards response was perfectly reasonable, given what she had just witnessed.South Lafourches press defense, after lying dormant

for three minutes, came to frightening life, smashing all that stood in its method. The Lady Tarpons required 5 consecutive backcourt turnovers, turning them into 10 straight points in a period of just 49 seconds prior to an Assumption time out.The rating was just 10-2, but nobody in the fitness center had any doubt who the better group was, as South Lafourche opened District 7-4A have fun with a resounding 61-37 win over the Woman Mustangs in a video game that truly wasnt that close.We prefer to get into the press from the start, however when theres no dead ball or no basket

made, you cant enter your press, South Lafourche coach Rainie Terrebonne said. When the press started we truly started. However we were playing difficult prior to, taking good shots. Our shots simply werent falling. But as soon asOnce we got our press going, we got those steals and those easy containers, and we were ourselves again.South Lafourche (16-5 total, 1-0 in district )led 21-7 after the first quarter and matched that output once more in the

second, finishing out with ratings on five of its last seven belongings. Caroline Guilbeau( 12 points)and Traya Bruce( 10 points )topped the kept up back-to-back 3-pointers putting the Woman Tarpons up 42-16 entering into halftime.Blanchard stated journalism defense was not a surprise. There was just absolutely nothing her group could do about it.When they put that press on us it sort of blew our minds although we

had actually talked about it and practiced against it, Blanchard stated. We dealt with trapping. We dealt with passing the ball.

We knew it was coming. But when I called the time out and I saw our girls with that deer in headlights look, I believed No, this not how I desired to get begun. We couldnt duplicate their speed in our practices. We can inform our players how fast and aggressive (South Lafourche )is, about how they expect and things, but up until they see it, they actually don’t get it. When they saw it, they got shook up.The 2nd half was almost played in sluggish movement compared to the very first. Even the authorities seemed to lose interest, as evidenced when Terrebonne had to scream Hey there hi at authorities to notify them that she was holding her hands high in a time out signal.Victorianna Nelson

led all scorers with 14 for the Lady Tarpons, while Brinkley Callais broke in 12. Shavonta Ayrow led the Woman Mustangs with 9. LADIES BASKETBALL CAPSULES ELLENDER 59, SOUTH TERREBONNE 31(at Bourg, District 7-4A game )Score by quarters: Rating tied at 5 after the very first quarter.

Ellender led 15-13 at halftime and 25-15 at the end of the 3rd quarter.Statistical leaders: Ellender– Orieon James (14 points)

, Vashawn McKinley( 10 points ), Kira Coleman (9

points ); South Terrebonne–

Chloe Fleming (20 points). Records: Ellender(7-5 general, 1-0 in district); South Terrebonne(4-16 total, 0-1 in district). VANDEBILT CATHOLIC 34, MORGAN CITY 28( at Morgan City, District 7-4A video game

)Score by quarters: Vandebilt led 11-8 after the first quarter, 21-18 at halftime and 30-22 at the end of the 3rd quarter.Statistical leaders: Vandebilt– Cami Guidry (14 points, 12 rebounds, 2 blocks), Leia Verret(7 points, 4 aids), Jordan Remont (5 points, five rebounds and 3 steals), Sara Savoie(six points )and Sydney Remont(two points, 7 rebounds)

. Records: Vandebilt (7-13 overall, 1-0 in district); Morgan City (4-8 overall; 0-1 in district). Put together by Staff Writer Chris Singleton.

School Recess Bill Visit Governor’s Desk

Viviana Pernot


8th graders Luke Spotts (left), Michael Flynn (middle) and Jaden Millstein (best), invest their 20 minutes a day for recess, outdoors relaxing and playing sports at the Eugene A. Tighe Intermediate school. Thursday, December 3. (Journalism of Atlantic City/ Viviana Pernot)

Barcelona’s Dani Alves Knocks ‘Trash’ Press On Social Networks

The Barcelona protector Dani Alves released a foul-mouthed tirade on social networks on Friday over football protection by the Spanish press.

The outspoken full-back hit out at exactly what he explained as sensationalism by the media in a message on Instagram.

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He did not refer to any specific event, although he also published a photo from Barccedil; a’s fiery derby against Espanyol on Wednesday.

“Genuinely each day I feel more ashamed to be a part of this sport, the method we are implemented and the way they play with us,” Alves composed. “We are things implemented by the press for their advantage, so they offer newspapers. Less and less they discuss football, technique, play, the go to score objectives, the saves and the spectacle,” he included before implementing a curse to condemn the media in basic.

Barccedil; a quickly distanced themselves from the comments.

“Dani Alves published on Instagram a very critical message where he implemented offending language,” the club stated in a declaration. “While these are the views of the player, which they are complimentary to express, Barcelona feels it essential to clarify that it does not share these offensive expressions that have actually been published.”

Barccedil; a have played Espanyol twice in the last week and stress has actually been rising considering that the La Liga clash that ended 0-0 on Saturday when there were problems from Barccedil; a players over their opponents’ physical play.

Barccedil; a won the first leg of the Copa del Rey last-16 clash on Wednesday 4-1 and Espanyol had 2 players sentsent.

There was a conflict in the tunnel after the game which led to Barcelona striker Luis Suaacute; rez getting a two-match ban for utilizing intriguing language.

It is not the very first time Alves has actually criticised the media. During a press conference last Might he refused to listen to a question from Radio Marca which he stated was biased to Madrid clubs.

Beyonce To Join Coldplay For Super Bowl Halftime Program

Evan Agostini

Beyonce to perform at Super Bowl halftime show next month

FILE – In this Oct. 20, 2015 file photo, singer Beyonce Knowles arrives at TIDAL X: 1020 Amplified by HTC at the Barclays Center in New York. Beyonce is returning to the Super Bowl halftime program. Pepsi verified to The Associated Press on Thursday, Jan. 7, 2016, that the 34-year-old vocalist will carry out at the Feb. 7 show at Levis Arena in Santa Clara, Calif. (Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP, File)

Johnston Press Jobs Under Danger

Johnston Press has actually exposed plans to cut editorial jobs throughout its operations in the UK.The Edinburgh-based publisher revealed the move in a memo to staff on Friday.The variety of planned redundancies was not specified but the National Union of Reporters stated 32 posts in Scotland were at risk.The move comes as the company, whose titles consist of The Scotsman and the Yorkshire Post, continues to cut expenses following a decline in revenue.The memo, sent by editor-in-chief Jeremy Clifford, said: Were reviewing the

structures within every newsroom, thinking about if we are best positioned to provide the content to our audiences in the fastest, most efficient method, and if not, recognizing how we needhave to arrange ourselves better.

De Blasio’s Answer For Not Having The Responses: Conceal From The Press

Nearly 2 years into his term, Mayor Costs de Blasio has entered a brand-new stage at Municipal government. It’s the bunker stage.

Stacks of sandbags have not increased around the structure, but they’re already there in the mayor’s mind. Annoyed that he’s not hailed as the Second Coming, he’s hunkering down and hiding from the public.

“I have a job to do,” he stated in explaining why he was cutting down on press conferences. “Much more important than offering the answers to the questions is in fact doing the work.”

Like so much of what The Putz states, that was dishonest. It’s not that he doesn’t have time to answer questions. It’s that he doesn’t have good responses and can’t take the heat when he’s caught comprising things.

His decision to decide for quickie radio interviews instead of dealing with the Municipal government press corps comes amidst reports that he rages about leaks from his team and is getting paranoid about important coverage. Whatever his thinking, hiding behind locked doors and armed security is exactly the incorrect reaction.

Every mayor goes through a rough area or 10, but a lot of understand it will pass as new headlines crowd out the old ones. The bestThe very best leaders intend to create more desirable protection through better efficiency and better messaging. Part of that effort is making the effort to honestly discuss exactly what they’re attemptingaiming to do.

But de Blasio is figured out to reinvent every wheel. “We do not approach government the way others approached it,” he informed press reporters. “There are assumptions that a few of my predecessors have that I simply do not have, about how we do this work, what our responsibilities are to the individuals.”

Translation: He assumed that his far-left program gave him a blank check to overlook anything he didn’t care about. The result is a management gap where the mayor is always behind the curve and playing defense.

That image is precise, and there are two fundamental factors.

Initially, his out-of-town travels and concentrate on national issues have actually minimized the time available for the nitty-gritty details of governing. ThrowInclude his leisurely late-morning exercises and his regular meetings with friendly lobbyists, and the outcome is that he frequently appears uninformed of what’s going on outside his bubble.

Second, even when he’s around, the mayor doesn’t dig listed below the surface area of crucial problems.

His level of interest stops at the politics, with his shameful dereliction on the homeless surge being a greata fine example.

Even as complaints mounted last spring and summer, his leading aide on the subject, Deputy Mayor Lilliam Barrios-Paoli, could not get sufficient face time with him to develop a technique. She grew annoyed by her declining access and inability to get decisions out of him, so the 70-year-old former nun quickly quit.

“She was fed up,” a source informed The Post. “She had not been able to do her task.”

Her case punctuates another oddity about the mayor’s work practices and his strategy to stiff-arm journalism. Experts say Town hall is aimless most days and gets energized mainly when officials see something embarrassing in the media. A front-page story on criminal activity patterns in housing projects or bad cabdrivers sets off an abrupt scramble to take instant action, even when officials don’t knowhave no idea much beyond what they have actually just read.

The mayor, who has slammed protection on the homeless as excessive, in fact recommended Monday that he counts on published files for much of his details. After boasting about the removal of 21 homeless encampments, he appeared to credit the media for alerting him to the problem.

“Whenever we see a file of something like this, NYPD and Homeless Solutions move in, and both [work] to restore the lifestyle for everybody who stays in the area, however also to obtain services to the people included,” he stated.

He included, “There was a report recently in Soho. That was dealt with within 1 Day.”

Because case, the mayor should invest more time with press reporters, not less. That way, he ‘d stand up to speed faster about the problems in the city he presumably governs, and might even get ahead of the curve.

That would be excellent news for him, and he might cancel the sandbags.

Doubt Hill’s being FB-eyed

Count me as doubtful about Politico’s report that the FBI has actually expanded its probe into Hillary Clinton’s e-mails. President Obama is calling the shots and I think the repair remains in.

While Obama said her usage of a private server was a “error,” he also said national security had not been risked and marked down criticism of Clinton as much ado about politics.

In other words, missing a brand-new bombshell, case closed.

Wow, U. got ta be kid-ding

The speech police are no longer a joke– they’re now a truth of life at the University of Missouri. In the continuing chaos over protests and the president’s resignation, campus cops urged students “who witness occurrences of hateful and/or painful speech to call the cops immediately.”

And state what– my professor injure my sensations?

Seems like a bunch of infants require a timeout.

Hamilton heroes, hip-hop hooray!

The values of the New-York Historic Society is “making history matter,” and it certainly meets that standard with its 2015 awards to Ron Chernow and Lin-Manuel Miranda.

They are the brains behind “Hamilton,” the smash Broadway program that is as inspiring as it is entertaining. Miranda equates Chernow’s masterly bio of Alexander Hamilton into a fantastic hip-hop musical while continuing to be (mostly) faithful to the facts.

Who understood the American Revolution and the struggle to develop a new nation could be a lot fun? And that you might dance to it!

The show has actually been called a revolution of its own, with Miranda writing the play and music and playing the title role. He leads a supremely talented and diverse cast that records not just the gravitas of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson as well as Aaron Burr, however likewise their warts-and-all humanity.

Hamilton’s bold spirit is reflected in a refrain that Miranda belts out with conviction:

“Hey yo, I’m simplymuch like my country,
I’m young, scrappy and hungry.”

The program is nearly as improbable as Hamilton’s increase from immigrant orphan to American icon and is destined for lasting splendor– if Miranda has his method. After he and Chernow got the Historic Society’s “History Maker” awards Monday, he said he will not be pleased till “Hamilton” becomes a staple of school plays throughout the nation.

It’s a wonderful concept. For history to be taught and accepted, educators need to regularly find brand-new methods to reach brand-new students.

Hip-hop is a youthful language, and Miranda’s usage of it to communicate the glorious reality of our country’s founding is a stroke of genius. He has actually provided patriotism a new beat, one that will enable coming generations to see themselves as part of the American story.

In these troubled times, the news does not get any much better.