Check Out The Indie Vinyl Press Where No Order Is Too Small (Like, Even Just One)

During the heyday of vinyl, mastering engineers used hulking Neumann lathes to cut the lacquers that would then be electroplated making stampers, the molds used to push records. Wolfe givesignores that analog trouble, recording direct-to-disc. He utilizes 2 German cutting lathes that are developed to clamp onto the classic Technics SL-1200 turntables. Understood among Lathe Trolls as the T-560, these accuracy machines have made Do It Yourself vinyl taping a prospering cottage market. When cutting two records simultaneously, playback is kept an eye on through different L and R earphone channels. You have to actually focus, states Wolfe. It sounds psychedelic. Tim Schutsky for WIRED

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